Child support and Child Custody

Top view of wooden gavel on judges bench

Child support and child custody are major issues. When a couple separates, it’s never easy on a family, especially if they’re children involved. In that situation it’s always advisable in the eyes of Florida family courts for the parents to try and reach a divorce agreement through mediation. When that doesn’t appear to be an option, and a comprise on support, custody, or visitation rights, seems impossible, a divorce must be filed.

To ensure that children in that situation are treated fairly, the state of Florida has established strict child support guidelines that must be followed. The most important of these legal procedures is a statutory formula that uses the net monthly income of each party and the percentage of overnight visits that each party has with the child/children. These guidelines will also determine the amount of child support, health insurance costs and the determination of daycare and/or schooling.

While child support is subject to a formula there are other issues that play a major role in determining who will pay. The two major topics are net monthly income and the amount of time-sharing each party has. While this is not common, there are situations where both parties earn approximately the same wage and they divide up time-sharing on a 50% / 50% basis. Parental Responsibility determines who makes the major decisions in the minor child’s life.

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