Legal advice on equitable distribution of assets and debts

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Part of your divorce or dissolution of marriage will undoubtedly have to address equitable distribution. Equitable distribution property division means that the court will divide the assets of the divorce. Florida lawmakers have simplified this process by using an equitable distribution model, instead of the community property model that is being used by other states.

There are a few ways to find yourself in Court when a minor child is involved.  Here is a brief discussion of the two most popular methods, then one method will be eliminated for the purposes of Equitable Distribution of Assets.  If you have a child but you are not married to the other parent, that is a paternity case and is not subject to Equitable Distribution of Assets. What is the Equitable Distribution of Assets?  It is the dividing of the assets generally acquired during the marriage.  For instance, it you were married, saved some money and the two of you bought a house in both names (easier for this explanation), and you were filing for a Dissolution of Marriage, that would be subject to the Court’s power to Equitably Divide the Assets of the Marriage.

Marital property and equitable distribution

Marital property consists of a variety of complex assets that must be divided in situations where it is not easy to do. Those examples of those assets are:

Liquid assets

Pre-marital items





Stock options

Real estate holdings

Household furnishings








. . . and other items of value

This is a very complicated area of law that is best left to divorce attorney’s that are very experienced and highly skilled in Family law, and property division. If you’re planning to file for divorce or if you’re in the middle of a messy divorce proceeding, click here to contact Lee Feinberg and put his years of experience to work for you today!