Paternity and Parental Rights

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A Paternity Lawyer (also known as a Paternity Attorney) handles an era of law which involves unmarried people with a child or children where the parents are no longer together. This is a very complicated area of law that deals with the parental rights that exist between a man and a child. Often times a lawyer will assist in the process of establishing the legal recognition of a child’s father with genetic testing when a child’s paternity is in question or may be denied by the father. In other circumstances a paternity attorney may be called upon by a child’s mother to file a paternity suit against the alleged father to obtain child support.

Areas of consideration in Paternity Law

While some attorneys may only focus in certain areas of paternity law, Lee Feinberg focuses on all of the aspects of parental rights that help protect the rights of the individual to:


-Child Support

-Time Sharing

-Parental Responsibility

If your parental rights are in question and you need to consult with an attorney, contact Lee Feinberg and put his 30 years family law experience to work for you. He can help explain the legalities of visitation, child support, parental responsibility and time sharing in simple terms. If you’ve got questions, he’s got answers. Contact Lee Feinberg now!