Family Law Attorney and Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator

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Lee Feinberg has been a licensed attorney for more than 30 years. Prior to his law school graduation, Mr. Feinberg provided services as a Broward County Certified Guardian Ad Litem and still accepts those appointments to this day. As a Family Law Attorney since 1992, and a Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator since 2014, he has handled hundreds of cases involving Dissolution of Marriage, Paternity, Child Support and much more.

Mr. Feinberg is also an entrepreneur successfully operating many business ventures. His years spent as a business owner gave him great insight as to how private assets could be hidden by opposing parties in cases involving Child Support and Dissolution of Marriage. This insight is knowledge that couldn’t be learned by taking a class or by reading books. That information could only be learned by life experience that he’ll be happy to share with you.

Lee Feinberg’s goal is to get you through the many facets of Family Law as quickly and as easily as possible, while still offering aggressive representation. He’s the ideal choice for legal representation if you’re involved in a difficult, high-value, or a complex case where opposing parties are unwilling to cooperate. If you’re involved in complex legal matter and need representation contact Mr. Feinberg for a free consultation today.